Help, I have a lot of stuff!

Consider some common sizes for popular items to help with sizing:

Sofa/Couch: 7ft long x 3ft deep x 2.5ft tall

Love Seat: 5ft long x 3ft deep x 2.5ft tall

Kitchen Table: 5ft long x 3ft wide x 2.5ft tall

Dresser: 5ft long x 16in deep x 2.5ft tall

*sizes are only to be used as a quick reference. There are no short-cuts for properly measuring your items before choosing a unit.

Packing tips

1) Start by identifying items that will be packed in boxes and stacked.

2) Prioritize boxed items you will want to access most frequently (they'll go closer to the front of the unit).

3) Group by fragility or weight. Heavier, sturdier items should be stored on the bottom of stacked items, fragile items on top.

4) Consider awkwardly-sized items that wont stack well, including how often you will need to use them, and how heavy they are.

A few more things...

It is always a good idea to visit potential storage units to get a visual sense of the space you will be working with.

Organizing and efficiently packing your items will take time and concentration. However, the up-front effort will be well worth it when youre able to easily unload and organize your items at the storage unit.

As you arrive at the facility and begin to unload, arranging your furniture, equipment, boxes, and other odds-and-ends efficiently in your storage unit will make a big difference in maximizing its convenience.




  • 6ft x 8ft -   $80/mo.

  • 7ft x 7ft -    $80/mo.

  • 7ft x 18ft -   $130/mo.

  • 8ft x 14ft -   $150/mo.

  • 9ft x 18ft -   $175/mo.

  • 10ft x 14ft -  $160/mo.

  • 10ft x 28ft - $230/mo.

  • 12ft x 28ft - $230/mo.

Nobody wants to pay for storage they dont need. But a little extra space makes moving around within the unit much easier. It also gives you room to add those unplanned items that always seem to pop up. Plan ahead now and you'll be able to relax later.

Not sure how much room you really need?